The future is stranger than you might think

We believe privacy is a fundamental human right and essential to personal safety and global security.

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Identity and personal data make us vulnerable. Predators use them against us. Opportunists take advantage without our consent. Strong privacy is our best defense.

Yet, a lack of authenticity and accountability can lead to devastating consequences, such as subverted elections, tragedies of the commons, and human trafficking.

We desperately need internet infrastructure that can...

  • Stop the abuse of identity and personal data

  • Enable authentic engagement and commerce

  • Provide accountability when things go wrong

But ... can we have privacy and accountability in the same systems and networks?

We’d need to solve the problem of how to trust a stranger.

Stranger Protocol


Transactional, pairwise, pseudonymous, and fully verified identification.


Control access to digital and physical resources. Enforce conditions of use.


Prove eligibility without revealing your identity using unforgeable attestations.


Maintain contractual and auditable control over personal data.


Reverse authorization or consent to access and use data or hardware.


Protect your digital life with safe backup and recovery of private key material.

We’re devising a new cryptographic protocol and creating open source software to improve the security, privacy, accountability, and resilience of critical infrastructure that billions of people depend on.

From web, mobile, cloud, and on-premise servers to IoT, augmented reality, and autonomous hardware, there are countless ways our privacy and security are at risk. To address this we need effective authentication and access control more than ever. But there's no simple answer.

Stranger Labs is conducting disciplined research and diligent engineering to advance the state of the art in decentralized identity and private data protection.

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